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Vishal Sahani turned his childhood adversity into opportunity

December 13, 2022 02:16 PM

Lucknow, Dec 13 || A childhood illness left him partially paralysed, but he turned his adversity into an opportunity with motivation and undeterred determination.

Vishal Sahani, who suffers from paralysis on his left side from the waist down, is the Lucknow-based Amazon 'I Have Space' (IHS) partner. He is fulfilling his dreams regardless of his physical limitations.

Born in Gorakhpur, Vishal moved to Lucknow with his father and family in search of better work opportunities in 1992. As one of six siblings, with limited resources and physical disabilities, Vishal had to rely on his brother for financial assistance for most of his life. However, Vishal wanted a stable job and took multiple attempts at government exams.

Initially, Vishal started a kites' store, 'Sonu Kite Centre' along with his brother in 2007. He was able to meet the basic expenses from the store until the onset of Covid-19, which severely impacted his business.

While Vishal worked hard to sustain the business, he fell short of meeting his family's financial requirements. It was then he decided to look out for an additional source of income and learned about Amazon's 'I Have Space' programme from his nephew, who was working as a delivery associate with Amazon's Delivery Service Partner.

He evaluated the opportunity, and after understanding the benefits of the programme, he immediately signed up and became Amazon's 'I Have Space' partner in September 2020. Today, he runs his store and also delivers packages to Amazon customers in his free time.

"The additional income from the programme has been a blessing for me. Over the last two years, it has not only helped me fulfill my financial responsibilities but has also supported me in building a better future for my children. I have never seen my physical limitations as a hindrance, and I continue to dream big. I believe that one should never give up and people with physical limitations should not feel demotivated. Instead, they should be determined to be independent and try to create a better life for themselves," said Vishal.

Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande, Director, Amazon Logistics, India said, "It is inspiring to see how Vishal Sahani has turned his life around with the support of the 'I Have Space' programme. He is a great example and a role model for others who do not believe in giving up in life."


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