Sunday, November 28, 2021

About us

The Columns was started on 3rd June,2020 by Aryan Sharma, a young leader. He started this medium to provide people the true news and to make awareness among the people as in this time the media around is paid and there is no trust on the news.

A fearless News providing medium to make people aware and also to raise the voice of public for their rights and demands. We provide the true and real news to our readers.The Columns uses modern facilities for news gathering and uploading. The Columns independent reporting and its reliable and balanced presentation of the news have, over the years, won for it the serious attention and regard of the people whether in India or abroad.



  • Aryan Sharma

       Chief Executive Officer

       The Columns

        M.No : 9876390730


  • Aditya Sharma

        Chief Operations Officer

        The Columns

         M.No. : 9815508696