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Thailand to emphasise sustainable, balanced future in APEC 2022: PM

November 12, 2021 03:39 PM

Bangkok, Nov 12 || Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said on Friday that for the year 2022, his country is committing to make sure that the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is open to all opportunities, connected in every dimension and balanced in all aspects.

Prayut made the remarks while delivering a keynote speech titled "Thailand's Priorities for APEC 2022" at the APEC CEO Summit via a teleconference, calling it an opportunity to create a sustainable and balanced post-Covid future.

Thailand is to host the APEC meetings in 2022. Prayut said priorities set under the country's APEC chairmanship will be relevant with APEC's existing goals and operations, and will be presented in a new paradigm.

Elaborating on the priorities, he said the first is facilitating trade and investment in a conducive ecosystem to promote multilateral trading system and regional economic integration, drive the establishment of a new Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific in the context of post-Covid, and to respond to new trade-related issues, such as climate change, public healthcare, and inclusive development.

"The second is rebooting regional connectivity, particularly in the travel and tourism industry," while the third is "advancing sustainable and inclusive growth", Prayut said.

"Thailand has adopted the Bio-Circular-Green Economic Model (BCG) as part of the national strategy for post-Covid economic recoveries. The BCG Economy Model will also be the driving force of the APEC 2022 priorities," he said.

He noted that the country will also strive to take forward APEC's previous achievements and translate the Putrajaya Vision 2040 into concrete actions through trade and investment, digital and innovation as well as sustainability and engagement.

Speaking of the 2021 APEC hosted by New Zealand, Prayut said it has proven that "APEC can stand up to challenges through public health rehabilitation, border reopening, and economic recovery, all for the better livelihood of the people, the world we live in and shared prosperity".


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