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Sh. Banwarilal Purohit raises issues regarding the safety and security of the country in his letter to Bhagwant Mann

February 13, 2023 09:02 PM

Chandigarh, 13th February 2023 ||

 Governor of Punjab Sh. Banwarilal Purohit posts a letter to the chief minister of Punjab raising several issues. 

Sh. Banwarilal raised about 7 issues concerning the public and the government. 

Letter sent to the chief minister of punjab raises many questions.

Let us view the Letter sent by the Governor of Punjab Sh Banwarilal Purohit- 

" Dear Chief Minister, 

I have received complaints in respect to the selection of Principals for sending them to Singapore for training. The complainants point out certain mal practices and illegalities in the selection of these principals. Allegation is that there si no transparency.
2. I, therefore, request you to send me criteria and details of entire selection process. Please also give detail fi ti was widely published through out Punjab. As per news reports since the first batch has come back, please let me have details of total expenditure incurred on travelling and boarding lodging and expenses towards training.
3. As per another complaint I came to know that you have appointed Sh. Gurinderjit Singh Jawanda, as Chairman, of Punjab Information and Communication and Technology Corporation Ltd., which is very important and prestigious Corporation of Punjab. As Ihave been made aware that the name of Sh. Gurinderjit Singh Jawanda appears in a kidnapping and property grabbing
case. Please send me full detail of this case.
4. In one of the letters addressed to me you had mentioned that because of the heavy
mandate by the people of Punjab you are the C.M, I fully agree with you on this count but you
should also keep it in mind that people of the State elected you for running the administration as
per the Constitution and not as per whims and fancies. As per Art. 167 of the Constitution of India
you are bound to furnish me full details and information asked by me, but you have not furnished
the same and never cared to reply and treated al my queries with contempt. To maintain cordial relations I have not revealed these letters to press because I thought you will fulfil the mandate of
the constitution but now it appears to me that you have decided to ignore my letters and I am
compelled to release these letters to the press/media.
Besides the two issues mentioned above I had asked for information on the
following serious issues which has neither been replied nor any action taken on the same:
(a) About two lacs Scheduled Castes students were compelled to discontinue their studies due. 
2- to non disbursal of scholarship by the Government. (letter No.Spl. Sec. Gov/2022/95 dated 21-07-2022)
(b) To remove the illegally appointed Vice Chanceller of PAU vide letter No.5/1/2021-PRB- PAU-2G/6904 dated 23-11-22.
(c) Inspite of my detailed letter dated 14-12-2022 you chose to ignore all misdeeds of Sh. Kuldeep Singh Chahal, IPS. You have not only promoted him but also posted him as Commissioner of Jalandhar and that too the orders being issued just before 26"' January, knowing very well that Governor is to unfurl the national flag at Jalandhar. Ihad to instruct the DGP that concerned officer should maintain distance during ceremony. On this issue it seems that this officer was your blue eyed boy and you chose to ignore facts that were brought to your notice by this office.
(d) Vide letter dated 4-1-2023 Iwrote about the presence of Sh. Naval Aggarwal in meetings of senior officers, where sensitive and confidential matters of security of the country are discussed. I have not received any reply till date.
(e) Myletters asking for details of advertisements where you were asked for complete details, is also perhaps lying in cold storage.
There are many other points but I have chosen to highlight five sensitive and important points covering safety and security of the State and country. The information about these points was asked by me besides two points already asked by me in para No. 2 and 3 above. The entire information which has been sought by me may atleast now be furnished within a fortnight. If you fail to provide this information within the stipulated time period as already sufficient time has passed Iwill be compelled to take legal advice for further action, since I am duty bound to protect the Constitution. 
With regards,            Banwarilal Purohit"



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