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Delhi HC directs trial courts to keep VC system on during court hours

May 25, 2024 08:58 PM

New Delhi, May 25 || The Acting Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, Manmohan, has issued an office order mandating that trial courts in the national capital keep their video conferencing (VC) system operational during court hours.

The order outlines several key directives to ensure seamless and transparent virtual court proceedings.

Continuous Video Feed

The video at the court's end must remain switched on throughout court hours. Also, the VC should not be muted unless the court specifically directs it.


The VC joining process must not be locked, allowing advocates, litigants, and the public to join seamlessly unless directed otherwise by the court.

Item Number Display

Every court must display the item number during VC proceedings to maintain clarity and order.

Session Status

Courts must show a message on the VC screen indicating when the court retires, is not in session, is on leave, or when there are directions to restrict the proceedings as per an office order dated June 5, 2023.

Fortnightly Reports

Principal district and session judges are required to send a fortnightly report on VC operations to the Registrar General's office in the prescribed format. They must also ensure that all officials under their supervision strictly adhere to these directives.


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